Radar Detectors & Laser Diffuser Systems

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Radar Detectors & Laser Diffuser Systems

Radar Detector & Laser Diffuser Systems

Would you like to relax & drive with confidence? That’s what an investment in a laser diffuser can give you. Our products combine simple, ergonomic design with up-to-the-minute technology in the latest radar detector & laser diffuser systems, including GPS, Bluetooth® compatibility, and smartphone integration. These latest technologies will provide not only protection from speeding tickets but also could prevent an accident from hazards on the road.

GPS integrated radar detectors offer more functionality than ever before. GPS stands for global positioning system, a satellite network that communicates with devices to assist in ground-based navigation applications. GPS devices in vehicles communicate with satellites while moving. They measure speed, location, and direction down to a few feet. They can often also store location information to mark important points on the map.

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Factory Integration

Traditional radar detection products can attract the attention of police and may increase the possibility of theft if left in the open. With our factory integration, this is a problem of the past. Plugs, wires, and suction cup mounts are no longer necessary. Our systems are invisible and you can maintain a clean sleek looking interior without the additional gadgets and wires.

Going over the speed limit can happen unintentionally, especially since newer vehicles reduce the feeling of speed. And who doesn’t want to know when there are speed traps ahead? It’s always good to know when you are under the radar, and our advanced systems notify you ahead of time. Some solutions are integrated right into the dash near the speedometer.

Stealth Mounting

Go incognito with a custom transflective (2-Way) mirror that preserves the functionality of the auto dimming and manual flip dimmer switch features. All without the need to create unsightly patters in your mirror.

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